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Moving ssd
« on: April 02, 2020, 01:02:36 pm »

I'm starting to look at changing my desktop, it has been upgraded and currently has an SSD. But some bits are showing there age

I know that physically moving the SSD to a new computer is straight forward, however are there likely to be windows 10 issues (ie computer spec has changed)?

As the relpacement is likely to be a refurbished, I would prefer to use the current SSD.

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Hi slowfen. I have recently had my Hard Wired old PC upgraded with an SSD albeit over the years I have upgraded the previous Disc Hard Drive and the Graphics Card.

My upgrade was carried out by my local PC shop at the same time including Windows 10 and retaining my massive collection of images and other required stuff. The whole exercise cost me £120.00 and the improvement is very obvious.

I am unaware of any issues with the Windows 10 system albeit I have experienced a few freeze-ups and total loss of connections but there again I am out in open rural countryside with known issues with BT and exceptionally poor signals with o2 on my mobile;I am using an o2 provided (FOC) Boost Box that is dependant on a good internet connection.

All things considered I cannot grumble when I have a Ping Speed of 20ms,a download speed of 64.85 Mbps and an upload speed of 18.70 Mbps.
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Re: Moving ssd
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If you mean dump the existing SSD, windows installation and all, into a totally different machine, then I'd expect you to end up in a world of pain.
High chance it won't even boot.

I'd back up the contents of the SSD, then flatten the disk and do a bare-metal install of Windows on the new machine, then transfer back what content you want.



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Re: Moving ssd
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Apparently Windows 10 is a lot better than previous versions for this. So it will probably boot and find new drivers etc automatically. Though depends on how different the new computer is.
May have to activate it as well. Depends on what sort of licence you are using.

Though yes, I'd go for a fresh install where possible. Should be pretty quick and easy, and avoid any potential problems.


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Re: Moving ssd
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Yes, I believe this is a recipe for either an unbootable system, or an "Activate Windows" watermark that refuses to go away.
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Re: Moving ssd
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2020, 06:57:30 am »

Many thanks for the replies.

It was the watermark/activation issue I had at the back of my mind, but couldn’t quite remember.


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Re: Moving ssd
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If the new (refurbished) machine has previously run the same version of Windows 10 (ie Home or Pro) upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, then there will be a Windows 10 licence associated with the hardware, and it should activate seamlessly.