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Peroneal Tendenitis- pedalling
« on: April 05, 2020, 09:34:16 am »
In a wordhttp://, ouch.

About 11 years ago I started to get pain in the Achilles heel from cycling and then walking.

I feared a torn Achilles tendon. However, having seen a physio I discovered that this was referred pain caused by inflamed tendons in and around my ankles.  The causes were tight calves, high arches and inward pronation.

Stretching, I developed a passion for yoga ,  wearing orthotics  and possibly a bike fit( the Bike Whisperer) seemed to help. As did Anti Imflamtpries and rest.

Over the last few months, there have been hints of a return. About a month ago a ride to work left me with sore ankles and needing to take anti-inflammatories etc again. So I rested and stretched. It went away

A lowered saddle, using heel on pedal method, seemed to help and I had a pain free ride earlier this week.
But a trip to the supermarket on  Friday has set it off again.
A search suggests that it's peroneal tendonitis. Oddly, it's rarely a cycling injury, it seems most common in runners.

So, anyone here with experience of this or a similar.

What worked for you?


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Re: Peroneal Tendenitis- pedalling
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I have had problems with tibialis anterior (the muscle on the other side of the ankle from the peroneals) when riding LeJog solo. I was still in Devon or Cornwall and ibuprofen had *just* been released for pharmacy sale, having been prescription only hitherto. This seemed to help.

I had genuine Achilles trouble 1994, when I was working towards my first Audax SR series. I think shifting staging for a choral concert when still slightly bloated after my 300 the previous week set something off. Cycling was possible if I avoided ankling, carrying a hefty bag for my mother walking a short distance was VERY painful.

I went for more NSAIDS, avoiding provocation and minimising ankle movements.

This only really settled after Mildenhall >3months later, when my tent was cool and I slept somewhat head down, feet up.

It has never returned.

Re: Peroneal Tendenitis- pedalling
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Thanks for that. Well, mine has returned with a vengeance.
As I have a stash of Naproxen   left  over  from my C6/5 disc buklge I am hitting it with that for a couple of days  and doing exercises. Yoga seems to cover most of the ones I need to do.

Not really sure why it's occurred . Not really a cycling injury. So I assume its age , high arches and pronation.. Back to rest and perhaps a trip to Mildenhall.


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Re: Peroneal Tendenitis- pedalling
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Walking with a load certainly made ME much worse.

I see you had a trip to the supermarket.

I suggest avoiding provocation of any sort. Raised heels can be helpful. Otherwise try to limit ankle movements when walking and cycling. Boots may help.

Re: Peroneal Tendenitis- pedalling
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Boots are worn when walking and I always wear orthotics.

Left wondering  if that bike might be a cause. The supermarket bike has a triple chainset whereas my single speed, with I presume a smaller q factor gave me a pain free ride. Or it's the pedals , or its the shoes. I don't use clipless.
Meanhwile, its back to rest  and exercise   . I doubt if I'll be able to see a physio this side of June.