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Fixing to UPVC doors
« on: April 05, 2020, 06:18:19 pm »
Our rear patio doors are standard issue UPVC, on a non-standard issue quasi-bay. The challenge has been to stop the door swinging backwards and levering itself against the window cill (hammering a wooden stake into the ground worked until it rotted) and also holding it open, which worked with a cabin hook, suboptimally around the door handle, but that was BC (Before Clematis)

Anyhow, way forward would seem to require fixing summat like an eye to the bottom of door. Drill and screw into the plastic, or use resin (or summat else) to stick it on?


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Re: Fixing to UPVC doors
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I attached one of those tea-towel hook things to our back door properly[1] using Tecbond 261[2] hot-melt glue.  This would seem like a good non-destructive[3] approach if you have some sort of flat plate to attach.

Obviously self-untapping screws will go into PVC just fine (and indeed, that seems to be how the windows and doors are installed), but I'd worry about it pulling out if it were under a lot of stress.

[1] It supports a large Carradice-branded carrier bag, containing our collection of carrier bags.  The supplied self-adhesive foam pad thingy lasted about a day.
[2] This one gives significantly better adhesion to plastics than the usual paper/card/wood-oriented stuff.
[3] To remove, apply IPA (not the beer) and wait.

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Re: Fixing to UPVC doors
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If you’re screwing, use something that is meant for fixing to a cavity like these

Or these
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Re: Fixing to UPVC doors
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That Tecbond stuff looks the business, cheers. The problem with cavity fixing is that this is a door, and cavities are of uncertain location and depth.