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Raleigh Trubuild 700C wheels...
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I've picked up some Raleigh 700C Trubuild wheels and fitted them to mrs ao's 27x1 1/4" Raleigh Classic bike.  Longer term,  I have refurbed Luxe competition hubs to start a wheel rebuilding project when I've sourced a Weinmann 27x1 1/4" 'concave' rim...  Wanted the wheels to be non-anodised, all silver, retro looking, and to be able to take the existing 6sp freewheel.

Details (not much on t'interweb AFAICS):
Front:  RGH931 700C  Weight ~1025g 36h QR
Rear:   RGR931 700C  Weight ~1125g 36h QR 135mm OLN  For THREADED Freewheel
Internal 19mm.  External 23mm
Made by Mach1 in France.
£23 - 28 ea.  So inexpensive, perhaps cheerful.  VFM, to be determined...

I converted rear to a 130mm OLN, for inserting into the 126mm frame.  Shorter axle, changed spacers and locknuts, maintaining DS space for freewheel, and the wheel went in pretty well centred (just lucky?), so no re-dishing required it seems.

Inspected the shipped-too-tight hubs, some grease there, but added much more and adjusted for the usual v.slight play before clamping QR...

I didn't use the supplied external cam QRs, but the original Maillard internal cam QRs instead.

The rim join had a slightly 'sharp' ridge, so took those off the braking surface with some v.fine sandpaper.

Used 2x rounds of 20mm TESA rim tape.

Did a spoke destress and when the the Pasela tyres fitted and on bike, the wheels run pretty near true, but I may adjust front.

Wheels look good on, seem robust and feel really smooth.  The cones, we'll see...  I'll inspect them when mrs ao has ridden the bike a bike for a while, though it gets pretty light use tbh.

Some images...

14tb by a oxon, on Flickr

2tb by a oxon, on Flickr

7tb by a oxon, on Flickr

4tb by a oxon, on Flickr

10tb by a oxon, on Flickr

11tb by a oxon, on Flickr

16tb by a oxon, on Flickr

IMG_20200502_180151838 by a oxon, on Flickr

Moar here...

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