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Advice for living in France
« on: November 23, 2008, 02:04:53 pm »
I love France with one exception.  They have a general acceptance of dog-turds bordering on fondness.

It is the Mayor's civic duty, in any otherwise picturesque town, to ensure dog-turds are placed on every street corner amd pressed into every 10th cobblestone. 

There are also teams of council officials who will escort highly trained and yappy lap dogs around town, commanding them to hunch up and squeeze one out in front of any diners at street cafes. 
Rather than vomit on your Croque Monsieur you are expected to shout "Bravo Monsiuer Chien, Encore le merde", stand, salute and whistle La Marseillaise. It can be quite moving when you see it performed by several diners.

It is considered bad form to walk past a fresh dog turd and not stand and slip slightly on it.

Lovely way of life otherwise though.