Author Topic: Recommend me an android tablet that is 10" and indestructible!  (Read 499 times)

Madame has destroyed her tablet which currently (until yesterday) was running full days of various far eastern net series with a hefty dose of youtube, facebook/messenger and tiktok. The problem appears to susbe a combination of charging port and dying battery (and it's not very old). It isn't the charging lead (swopped with one known good). Her smashing said tablet over her knee when it refused to switch off won't have helped it (and it has already flown a couple of times). It's an Asus  Zenpad 10. I can forsee having to replace it fairly quickly once we come out of lockdown next week although it seems to have managed to recharge today.

Any suggestions for alternatives gratefully received. Teaching madame to be gentle with the machinery is unfortunately not an option! I may try getting the Asus looked at when I get the chance but I would suspect a certain quantity of abuse related terminal damage, not just battery.


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Re: Recommend me an android tablet that is 10" and indestructible!
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Have a look here.

Though it may be more cost effective to get a standard tablet, the most effective screen protector you can find, and the most rugged case you can lock it into, and accept that it might need replacing on a regular basis.

And perhaps build a sacrificial charging port "tail" into that. (Sugru FTW)