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Bryan Chapman Memorial 2020



--- Quote from: Hot Flatus on May 16, 2020, 09:07:01 pm ---I'm in a notional hotel in Harlech. Pan-fried mullet with beurre noisette and pommes de terre fondants nestling in my tummy, washed down with several pints of sauvignon blanc. There is a gentle breeze trickling through the volet windows as I settle into a warm bath, resting my toes on the gold taps.

Thinking about all you suckers, struggling back over Snowdonia barely fuelled by powdered soup and cheap rice-pudding, all pale and sweaty and kidding yourselves with the false bonhommie with whatever pungent weirdo you picked up on the road to share your misery.

Choose life. Choose tactical abandon.

--- End quote ---


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