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Zefal Spin Mirror
« on: May 19, 2020, 01:05:33 pm »
I got this to replace another Zefal mirror; the Cyclops. That one was OK, but the mirror shape didn't suit me and I borked the somewhat fragile locking mechanism.
The Spin is underwhelming when it arrives. Its mirror is tiny in comparison to the Cyclops. Nevertheless, I'm used to having a mirror now, so fitted it. Only it doesn't fit my 22mm bars. On closer examination there are two sleeves/shims included, so that it will fit larger bars, presumably. I remove one of them and it then fits the bars perfectly. I've got Keirin bar ends, so the angle it'll fit at is somewhat compromised, but it fits.
Before a ride, I turned it into the correct field of view. In that respect it's very flexible, having 3 axis points. On the ride, the small mirror isn't a problem; it's convex enough to make things appear, but not silly convex to distort the image. I soon got used to it. The small size is actually a bonus when wheeling the bike in and out of my flat and the lift. It's easy to turn it out of the way, but in such a way that the viewing position is easily relocated.
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