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Re: The Vicissitudes of Ageing
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My Mum (84.5) does not regularly take ANY medication. Dad (90) is on lots.

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Well, that’s not now expected Saturday evening to pan out. Around 5.30 I came from the garden, to find my (76 year old) wife stood up in the bedroom, unable to sit or lie down for the pain in her (13 year old replacement) hip. Called 111, and 40 minutes later a paramedic rolls up. After an ECG (which apparently showed she has PVC) and some questions, he calls an ambulance  :-\. They give her morphine (Which they said won’t work as they can only give 1 unit at a time now, instead of 10) and have just taken her to the (thankfully) local A&E. I’m not allowed to go of course.

One of the crew (both of whom were ex firefighters) told me as he left he thinks it likely to be a ligament problem. What solution, if any, there is to that who knows.

So now I sit and wait until she calls. Fingers crossed it’s not too serious.

ETA: Some 5 1/2 later she’s finally home. Nothing on the x-ray, so not an issue with the implant, but some firm of soft tissue injury. I foresee the private health cover being tested fo efficacy in the near future.
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