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Just scrapped the flourescent batten fittings for four of these luminares. @ £23 each they  give a lot of lumens per £.
With the full 200W 24,000 lumens output the Operating Theatre Workshop is so well lit that I can now solder without my +3 dioptre close up glasses. :-)

I'm interested in this, as I've been contemplating similar swappage. Only, for all the impressive numbers: "6000 Lumens!!!!1!", the output is not _that_ different from a 58W fluorescent, which apparently is something like 5200 lumens, certainly nothing like the 4x multiplier for CFL.  So, when you consider bragging rights, likely within 10%. What fluorescents were you replacing? What's your perception of the difference? I'm wondering if the directional nature of the LED improves the output.

Re: 24000 lumens of workshop lighting
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You  are  right about the specs but

I  have replaced 7 off  1500mm 58 Watt 5200 lumen tubes in four luminares with  four  of the new  fittings. Light levels appear* to be 2-3X higher with good shadow fill  - in fact very few shadows as  such

The tubes were not  particularly  old but of  course they  do drop off in illuminance  - one of the reasons for replacement as new tubes would have been ~ £5 each in retail qty's.

The LEDS have an axial  50% illuminance angle of 114 degrees which goes a  long  way to explaining the difference in flux levels
There is a luminance diagram on the box but a mix of feet different units and tiny 4pt print and 3 places of decimals makes it hard to interpret. best guess is 1500 Lux @ 1 M 400 lux @ 2 M

*I did  once have an skip rescue lux meter but it got proper chucked... thought probably never gonna use it