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BT Business Hub "log report"
« on: July 30, 2020, 05:25:25 pm »
Does anyone understand the output on a BT Business Broadband Hub log please?

I'm having a running battle with BT (who is in turn arguing with their subsidiary Openreach) over my BB service - the line/connection drops VERY frequently.   BT tested the line from afar - there's a fault, they say, so an engineer required - engineer comes, runs test and says it's all fine - engineer goes away and line line/connection drops.   That sequence of events has happened 4 or 5 times - the disconnections are frequent.   I also have the "4G Assure" that should kick in if the physical line drops and connect over the cellphone network - that sometimes works.

This afternoon the connection stopped and I noted the time - went to the hub log a little later and copied all the timed activities from about 15 minutes before until 15 minutes after the break in service.  [I had also produced a report covering a couple of days with frequent breaks but the engineer today said he didn't understand it]

So, back to the question - is anyone able to interpret the text report and perhaps give me some idea what's going on please?   I can email a pdf of the text, or put it on my webspace to download (I don't think you can PM attachements?)