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Sidi shoes
« on: July 31, 2020, 09:40:54 am »
Having suffered with painful feet (hot foot?) in the past on long distance bike rides (Audax) and spending a lot of money on various makes of shoes, I have finally found Sidi to be the best.  Well, for me anyway.

I started with a pair of Sidi Dominator which served me well for a good few years but then splashed out a bit more dosh on a pair of Sidi Dragon 3's.  These lasted for over 9-years until they finally began to fall apart and I replaced them with a pair of Dragon 4's which have served me well.

I have now recently purchased a pair of the new Sidi Tiger and first impressions are very good although I have yet to try them on a longer ride.  The Tiger's only have two 'wire' type of fixings but they mold nicely around my foot and appear very comfortable.  They are not cheap though at around £350 but my way of thinking is that it is worth paying a little more for something that is truly comfortable.

I will report back after I have road tested these shoes.