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Re: Bastard wind!
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Anent the original question, I remember having a similar chat with a 'bent rider at the start of a PBP long ago.  He said that wind buffeting from traffic isn't so bad, but if it happened to go through a puddle when overtaking the splosh invariably landed on the crotch.

This is why I don't like riding the Baron in bad weather.  Rain is rain, but when you're low down you get splashed by every passing vehicle.  The ICE trike is similar, but has a stronger car-repellent effect.
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Re: Bastard wind!
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Some years of riding to work 'n' back, part of it on a quite un-sheltered road has given me a good comparison between my old hybrid and Ice Sprint. A crosswind which would have me feet off-course on the hybrid gets me inches off-course on the trike, with some pressure felt on the steering.
Riding in one or two named storm events has been mildly annoying (and lost a flag pole) but only caused worry about flying debris, not navigation.

Re: Bastard wind!
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Reminds me that a velomobile rider said they really had to watch it in strong side winds but that strong headwinds didn’t really affect them much.