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Home insurance: Legal
« on: September 11, 2020, 10:06:01 am »
For the last ~9 years I have been with the Coop, who provide Legal as standard.  This year I found out I can save ~£80 by going with Sainsbury's if I don't have Legal and don't take home rescue.  As I have not used it for the last ~9 years I would be most of the way to my £1k legal cover.

What are the thoughts of the panel?
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Re: Home insurance: Legal
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An elderly acquaintance has recently had issues with a new neighbour and boundary incursions.  Her Coop insurance which she has had for over 30 years has been providing her legal services including court hearings, solicitor and barrister, surveyors, mediators, etc.  I believe the bill would have been in excess of £40k if she had not prevailed.  She also received sizeable compensation.

It all depends upon affordability and attitude to risk.

Re: Home insurance: Legal
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Legal expenses add on is £25 mostly, I would never be without it or choose an insurance policy without it - the £80 is not all about Legal expenses, a policy that doesn't have that option would worry me that it is too penny pinching to be useful when you need it. Check out others.

Insurance is for those things that, were they to occur, you couldn't easily afford them, otherwise you self-insure. Legal expenses is one of those things, in my view.


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Re: Home insurance: Legal
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Court costs can be vast and ramp up quickly even for what might appear to be petty things, so if you want to keep a legal option on the table (and hope never to need it), then it's one of the things it's worth including because you probably can't afford it. But insurance is always a gamble, you're pitting your odds against the insurers. Or in my case, my wife, who will insure everything and anything*.

*we have a long-running argument about pet insurance, which is expensive and I doubt breaks even over the life of the pet, and ultimately we could afford a large vet bill, but I'm told this is an argument I won't win with mere logic.
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Re: Home insurance: Legal
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Thanks Ham.  Yes, the £80 is also for home rescue. 

The easiest thing for me is to re-insure with Coop, so that's what I'll do.

Thank you all for useful insight.
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