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« Reply #25 on: October 02, 2020, 06:46:13 pm »
I keep the respirator I use for airbrushing scale models in a sealed tupperwear box between uses (after letting it dry out)

It's a JSP Force F8 Half mask respirator, with AB1P2 cartridge filters.

Certainly no smell of cellulose thinners etc when I'm wearing it! Mind you, I also run a £300 Benchvent Spraybooth as well...
My mask always went into a sandwich box when I wasn't using it in the workshop. We had a water wall in the spray booth at work, which tended to pull in most of the nasties.


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Re: Respirator
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I use the Trend Stealth Half Mask which is quite good, that said it has been getting moist lately but then fairly sure that happens to all masks right?
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Re: Respirator
« Reply #27 on: October 07, 2020, 02:11:41 pm »
Is what I use as my Corona mask.

Very similar to what we are now being issued with at work. Not sure at this stage if this is because they are better than disposable FFP3 masks, cheaper than FFP3 masks, or if a supply issue has been foreseen.


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Re: Respirator
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Most of these masks are designed to filter what you are breathing in, not what you are breathing out. So maybe not much benefit for coronavirus.

Eminently suitable for protecting you but not the public.  For supermarkets etc. I have a valved Cambridge Masks item that supposedly stops 99.9% of bacteria & viruses getting in, but when I turned up at the cardiologist's place with it a fortnight back I was told to put on one of their standard clinical masks instead because it stops zero getting out.

Meanwhile, I can testify that a mask of any kind needs to be tightened hard against the chin if you have a beard.  When I'm bending over the piece I'm varnishing and it isn't that tight I can smell the fumes.
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