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Giro d’Italia 2020

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Felt quite smug when I discovered you could have arch it for free on S4C.

Slightly less smug when I realized the commentary is in Welsh and there’s no subtitles. No idea what’s going on whatsoever. Seems to be a TT with a slippery section of new tarmac.

Are there any free alternatives? This essay won’t procrastinate itself y’know.

No free access, Eurosport is the only other channel I believe.

So like F1 these days, I don't see it  :(

Aye, saw that S4C were showing it.  Do you know the Welsh for Jumbo Visma? And why is Geraint Thomas mentioned so often?

Highlights are on Quest.

Miguel Angel Lopez does it again.  The guy's a disaster area!


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