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Road Safety Foundation
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Interesting organization (charity)
The Road Safety Foundation is a UK charity advocating road casualty reduction through simultaneous action on all three components of the safe road system: roads, vehicles and behaviour.
Here is a taster about vunerable road users.
The Road Safety Foundation has received funding from the Road Safety Trust to help vulnerable road users. The project will provide Local Authorities with a specialist resource to help understand the risks to vulnerable road users in towns and cities.  It will also...


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Re: Road Safety Foundation
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Looking through their archives at random, an awful lot are like that. For instance this one from way back in December 2010:
The commitment, innovation and clear achievement in reducing deaths and serious injuries on the UK’s road network by the Road Safety Foundation received formal recognition today. The Foundation was presented with a Prince Michael International Road Safety...
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Re: Road Safety Foundation
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Looks like more of a think tank than a charity that actually does something. I wonder who funds them? Still, a good income for its directors.

I may be missing something as the website says little of any substance but they seem to take a very narrow view of road safety, which is harm caused by collisions. No mention, that I can find, of harm reduction by reducing car use, pollution, noise, congestion etc and increasing active travel.

So very 20th century.
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Re: Road Safety Foundation
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I certainly tend to agree with that comment, driver behaviour is mentioned now and again but not given the priority I would expect.


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Re: Road Safety Foundation
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I was bemused by their Tweet stating that nights start drawing in from today.

It's more than four months!

Nul points for knowledge/observation!