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I need to do something about the crappy WiFi here. A largish bungalow with the VDSL connection in one corner (that's furthest away from the living room) isn't ideal for WiFi.
I have been using TP-Link Ethernet over power adaptors with built in APs for years but they are starting to drive me potty with drop outs in Teams meetings etc.

So some kind of mesh WiFi is on the cards I think. If I had the budget for the enterprise grade stuff I work with then it would be easy but I don't.

So anyone got any experience with things like TP-lInk Deco M9 or similar ?
Dont have too may requirements other than a solid signal everywhere and roaming support plus a t least two SSIDs (family and guest) and the ability to still be able to punch a VPN in from outside so some kind of DDNS support if the mesh system has to become the primary router for the network rather than my current Archer 2800.


I have the TP-Link M5, it's great, just make sure you use it as a basic mesh not the TP-Link managed mode as it can slow stuff down, it also puts the WLAN into a different subnet.

What's the budget? Have you looked at Ubiquiti Unifi? Probably closer to enterprise stuff than most.
Could get a couple of Unifi AP-AC-Lite for about £150, would be enough for most houses. Plenty of options to set it up how you want. Some of the advanced stuff needs the controller software running on a server. Or you can just set up most of it with the app, if you want a quicker/easier option.

Thanks I look at the Ubiquiti stuff. Just had a quick look and the controller can run on Raspberry Pi which is nice (and low power).

The annoying thing is everyone but me in my team seems to have managed to get their hands on free Meraki kit as part of a training course which I have been too busy to do.

Another vote for Unifi Ubiquiti. Their mesh gear is all designed for outdoor use but the smaller units are nice and compact. They also use proper PoE unlike some of the other Unifi gear. The ubiquiti controller software runs on a local machine or they have a cloud option, you don't need it running all the time unless you're collecting logs. If you're feeling bored, here's a project:
Unifi doesn't give you the fancy Enterprise tools but it's a fraction of the price - I'd use it at home if I needed something more.

Sorry - crossposted.

Yes, I was offered that course too - same problem :( If it makes you feel better, it's only free kit until the license expires so it's a bit of teaser!


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