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Credit card scam?
« on: October 21, 2020, 01:20:25 pm »
I've just received a text apparently from Sainsburys telling me 'We would like to check some recent transactions on your credit card'.

A minute later from a different number I had the following message.

'Your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card was used online 21/10/20 for £149.85 at Back Market. Reply Y if you recognise the transaction, reply N if you don't. If someone has asked you to respond to this message, please call the number on the back of your credit card.'

I've checked my online account. There isn't a transaction today for Back Market (Google tells me this is apparently a second hand mobile phone online shop) and I recognise the last payment made was by me a few days ago.

I rang the number on the back of my credit card and Sainsburys do not have an attempted transaction on my card today so they don't seem very concerned. They also told me they haven't sent me any texts today.

So, where did the texts come from (I'm not replying to them), the first one has Sainsburys in the contact instead of a number? And, what kind of scam is it if it tells you to ring your own bank?!
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Re: Credit card scam?
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The problem is that some banks do contact people with crappy text messages making the scammets life so much easier.   I was once contacted by HSBC about suspicious activity on my debit card.  The message had all the hallmarks of a scam and having worked in fraud prevention at Barclaycard for a number of years I ignored the message.  However, a visit to my local HSBC branch revealed that the message was genuine.   I wrote to HSBC explaining why their messages are silly but they continue to send them apparently.

My advice would always be to contact the issuer on the number provided either on the card, a statement or on their own website, or to visit them in person in a branch if possible.

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Re: Credit card scam?
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Replying also confirms your number is active

Re: Credit card scam?
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It was genuine. My card had been cloned. The bank system rang my mobile and an electronic voice told me to press various buttons to confirm certain purchases. Still somewhat suspicious I hung up my mobile and rang the bank again from the land line. This time I was put through to the fraud department who confirmed someone had tried to use it this morning but they had blocked the purchase.

I’m now being sent a new card.

Just annoyed the first call I made to the bank didn’t seem to flag up any warnings and I had to ring again.

It didn’t help that in the midst of it someone from Virgin Media rang to ‘fix my faulty broadband’. He got what for and hung up on me! I do have Virgin and it is intermittent and slow but he doesn’t work for them.
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