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Cuts and scrapes
« on: November 30, 2008, 06:19:14 pm »
Nelson, our most elderly fert, has a cut just beneath his right armpit. He has had this on-and-off for many years. We do not know if it is a scrape from the cage, a scratch from rough-housing with Wellesley (who occasionally challenges for dominance), or just a sore for being alive for so damn long (Nelson is eight, give-or-take a year. Ferrets live fo six to ten years..).

Anyway, apart from the vet's (who have examined this scrape and declared it to be "minor"), does anyone have any any good recommendations for how to care for it? I have just bathed it to remove the scabs, and applied TCP (and then cod liver oil, to cheer up the grumping fert).

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Re: Cuts and scrapes
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My sister swears by aloe vera gel for her scarred dog. I recall there are some proprietory creams that we humans can use beneficially that contain stuff that is harmful to certain animals.  Would it be an idea to check with the vet what is safe and is not safe to apply to the ferts?

Re: Cuts and scrapes
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I tended to leave the rats' cuts and scrapes to heal on their own, once the vet had decided whether antibiotics were necessary.

I have no idea if phenols are an issue with ferrets but they are with rats, they are best avoided for them, and TCP is full of phenols, so I wouldn't have TCPed the rats.