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WFH rejig

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OK, time to start a thread on this.

WFH setup at beginning of lockdown:-

Ikea Bekant Desk (160x80cm)
Some random Ikea office chair
Dual 23" Dell P2319H monitors (1920x1080) mounted on an Arctic Z2 monitor arm that clamps onto the back of the desk.
Work laptop driving dual displays (one via Display Port, one via USB-C to DP adapter) and sits on the desk with the lid closed.
Separate wired keyboard (IBM one multimedia buttons which allows me to mute, change volume, pause music/etc) and ancient Microsoft wired mouse
Desk covered in too much stuff (including a NAS)


Messy room with not enough storage (haven't got a good photo of that)
Printer on top of an old bedside table.
Shredder on floor.

Things to fix:-

* Desk (would like a sit/stand desk)
* Seat/stool/chair
* Nicer monitor(s)
* More storage
* Less clutter
* Sort out cable mess


--- Quote from: Greenbank on November 09, 2020, 07:03:32 pm ---Things to fix:-

* Desk (would like a sit/stand desk)
* Seat/stool/chair
* Nicer monitor(s)
* More storage
* Less clutter
* World peace
* Sort out cable mess

--- End quote ---

There you go, FTFY in order of ability to deliver


Going to order a Flexispot EC1 motorised sit/stand desk.

Current desk is 160x80cm and the surface is 80cm off the floor.

Going from sitting to standing adds 34cm to my eye level so I need something that can handle those kinds of heights (not hard, I'm only 5'9"-ish) and the EC1 does.

Will go for a 140x70cm top, should easily be enough space and add 10cm to the width of the room. My keyboard normally sits ~20cm from the edge of the desk with by wrists resting 15cm-10cm from the edge so that'll be fine.


Mrs GB bought a Dynamic Sitall stool that is design for sit/stand desks and it's a bit too high for her desk but perfect for mine, so we've swapped and she's got my old Ikea chair for now.


Bought a 2x2 Ikea Kallax for the printer and shredder to sit on, what was in the bedside table that held up printer is now in the cube storage (paper, writable CDs/DVDs, stationery, etc). Also moved the NAS to one of the cubes.

Also got 3 Ikea Flysta shelving units (which are 2x4 cubes but not as deep as the Kallax range). Most of the stuff that was on the desk/floor is now neatly sorted into cubes.


Going for a single 43" 4K monitor. Roughly the same width as my existing dual 23" setup, and roughly the same pixel size. Will just be double the height of the existing monitors which I think will work well. Something like this one:-


Will also get a laptop for personal use, do too much personal stuff on my work laptop (work aren't that fussed) but I need to separate the two. Whatever monitor I get should do Picture-In-Picture so I can use the personal laptop for watching sport/etc if working outside normal hours. Laptop will probably be something like an Acer Aspire 5 (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD). Don't need anything that special, just need to run Firefox/etc and a small (2GB) Linux VM.

Polar Bear:
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