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Poly Hive:
My phone is stone dead and has been diagnosed as motherboard deceased and its not worth fixing so......

I live in pretty much a black spot due to location and have been told that I could use wireless connectivity to get on with which ever network I want but I cannot understand how I could connect to say three if they don't have coverage here? I was on O2 which was sometimes ok but often flakey in poor weather.

So for theis wireless connection to work does there have to be a decent signal or coverage to connect to?



What they mean is that, in the absence of a cellular signal, you can use VOIP to make telephone calls over a broadband internet connection using WiFi.  The cellular providers have nice user-friendly ways of integrating this so it switches from one to the other automatically using the same phone number and so on.  (This is where my knowledge ends.  I live in a city and don't really do phone calls.)

Obviously this requires you to have a broadband internet connection and WiFi.

I have wireless calls enabled, iPhone on Vodafone. Seems pretty common on the major networks these days....

and like you our mobile coverage is flaky, notwithstanding what the network coverage estimators claim.

ETA as Kim says it hooks onto your home WiFi and broadband connection.

I’m no expert on the dark arts, but when I am in or around the house my phone uses an internet connection rather than a phone signal connection. I just joined my phone to my internet magic box like I would join any other device.
Presumably it saves on “ air time”, as the phone is essentially another computer/ device on my network.
If your internet feed is good, then I think your phone should work fine, just don’t walk too far down the garden :-)
I stand to be corrected by the more techno- savvy inhabitants of the forum.

There are also things called femtocells which are little boxes you plug into your home broadband and they create a local mobile phone mast just for your house.

Which would solve a lot of people's problems but literally no one seems to have heard of them.

(I only do because I used to share an office with the marketing people for them. Um)


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