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Rouvy onna Dell.
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:51:09 pm »
Well, that’s very odd. I bought an acer laptop to try out Rouvy (and others) in the man cave. It worked, but died after 2 days. Tried it on the old corporate Dell laptop - no videos on Rouvy. Tried it on the current corporate HP, works fine. Tried it on another Dell (replacement for the Acer), no video. All win 10 machines. I’ve made sure I’ve selected the Rouvy app as giving high performance graphics (and thereby using the 4gb AMD card, not in-built Intel graphics) to no avail. Bigringvr, fulgaz, Zwift, sufferfest, they all work. Stumped.
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Re: Rouvy onna Dell.
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Apologies if you have excluded this, but not all Rouvy routes include a video. You can search with “ contains video” as a filter.

Re: Rouvy onna Dell.
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I hadn’t specifically, but the routes I picked at random (non-AR) had the video camera symbol on the map/route view screen. It was when I clicked that, the view changes, rider list on left, rider data top left (I was “watching” rather than riding - note to self, see if “riding” changes anything) profile at bottom, but otherwise full black screen.

ETA:  Tried it as a ride, no go. Tried downloading the video, still no go. One for the helldesk I think. I know there are alternatives - I’ve also downloaded some - but it irks me.
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Re: Rouvy onna Dell.
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Well, I got a response from Rouvy support, and it echoes what PB found out by experimentation. Essentially, downgrade from the AR version (even if, like me, you’re tried to run non-AR ride videos) of the app to a previous non-AR version.

ETA: When I check the download link they sent, they're actually recommending dropping back around 4 versions from the current.  In case anyone else has issues, this is the page with all the versions they've released.

The problem with my laptop would appear to be with the graphics card, even though I have double the required GPU RAM.

My system is Win10, i7, 16gb RAM and 480gb SSD. However it has a 4gb AMD Radeon R5 GPU.  The spec from Rouvy is Win10 (with Creators update), i5, 8gb RAM, and a (much later) 2gb AMD Radeon R9 GPU. 

I’ll give it a go, but unless it’s fantastically better I’ll probably stick with BigRingVR and FulGaz.
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