Author Topic: What can you do with a partner than will not take medication as directed?  (Read 252 times)


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GF has parkinson and is a general selective hypochondriac (She has a cough, which she claims is a parkinsons symptom, but the specialist and nurse have said that that symptom is to early and she wouldn't be able to talk as well as she does, so she doesn't cough at the meetings) and even tho she has covid (positive test) and too ill to do anything around the house like look after the cats she has gone out and met with friends.  Even in tier 4.

She will not swallow tablets, and even when expressly told not to break then or crush them still does. Not good when you are taking slow release medication.

Final straw was here getting her self some antibiotics recently as her kidneys hurt, she lied to the doctor saying that she was drinking fluids and her pee colour.  Then she randomly took two tablets, by opening the packet and dropping the powder on to yoghurt.  Both doctor and chemist said not to do this as it makes the medicine ineffective.  She had a serious foot infection, that required stronger and stronger antibiotics as she would not take them as directed.  Till I went with her and spoke to the specialist about how she takes the antibiotics.  The specialist wasn't happy, and said if you are going to take the medication correctly you are wasting my time trying to help.  The infection has gone to the bone and if you had said you wouldn't take the medication there would have been other ways, such as soluble medicine.

She seems to like collecting medication, she doesn't pay for prescriptions and once every six months returns omeprozole and and many many others.

What can I do?  I no longer have anything to do with prescriptions, until the last lot of antibiotics where I was forced to go out to get them as I wasn't ill compared to her.


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This sounds like more than just an issue with medication compliance...