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Weird phone problem
« on: February 15, 2021, 04:23:23 pm »
The main use for our land line is for Mrs O to call friends and family in Japan. We're with Zen. Last few weeks, as each call reached precisely 4 minutes of connection time, a Japanese voice message states the call is recorded for security purposes, and then the call is replayed from the beginning. Only way out is to ring off and redial.

Zen are completely failing to investigate this, and repeatedly asking me to try calling other countries and try a different landline. It's obviously a Japanese problem, and I don't have access to anyone else's land line to make calls to Japan. So I have now told them it's their problem to solve, not mine, and we now use Skype instead, with no problem.

Anyone else ever come across this?

Re: Weird phone problem
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Most odd.
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