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David Martin

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Mincemeat - oops!
« on: December 08, 2008, 12:10:26 pm »
As TODM and various of the children respond poorly to sucrose we end up making a lot of stuff with fructose.

This includes christmas puddings and mincemeat. So I was making mincemeat this weekend

Got everything done, citrus nicely mixed in, a decent amount of stout (Midnight Sun from Alloa, very nice), leave to infuse overnight. Place in a warm oven to melt the suet, allow to cool and stir in whisky (traditional in this house as we tend to have some, rather than brandy which we don't) as a preservative. Jar up ready for use. Very, very tasty.

And then I realised. I have forgotten to put the sugar in.

I have yet to see whether it will make any difference. Or whether I will have mince pies (thats mincemeat pies to my neighbours)  that are not so sweet as usual but very tasty.

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