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If I enter a permanent do you get a gpx route to follow or do you make it up yourself also how do you get your brevet card.


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For a traditional Perm: That will depend on who the organiser is, but they'll be able to let you know if you drop them an email. Card usually comes in the post.
For a DIY or DIY by GPS: The answer is longer
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For mine (if not an entry by GPS) I’ll send the brevet card in the post.  This is usually within a couple of days if I’m not away.  I’ll also email the GPX, Route sheet and any other relevant notes within same timescale. All my perms are also setup and approved for E-Brevet. I’ll inform entrants of this information as well.


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Organisers can now set up 2 buttons to click depending on whether the rider wants to follow a route sheet / brevet card or a gpx although I haven't got round to setting this up yet. I offer the route sheet / gpx to download from the perms webpage. For new riders I ask which method they would like to use, almost all use gpx these days.

You can make up your own route as long as you visit all the controls

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Bear in mind that a fair proportion of Permanents do not advertise the actual controls. Extraordinarily some give no idea of the route. Phil's work (which I helped with: for a good number I had to fight or sleuth for information) showing diagrammatically the shape of routes, uses named places as controls. But be aware that this is for guidance and does not necessarily use the actual control sites.