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What have you fettled today?

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I'll start us off. My dad and I fitted new worktops and sink in my kitchen today. After plumbing in the sink, we lifted it up a couple of inches to fit the clips that secure it to the worktop. One of the compression joints on the cold feed was not done up properly and it came apart, making a nice fountain in the cupboard under the sink for a couple of minutes before I could crawl in there and turn off the service valve. The kitchen was quite nicely flooded, and I spent the next half an hour mopping it up with towels and wringing them out in the drain outside. I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned there somewhere ;D

I stuck together a wooden dinosaur for my son this morning. One of those press out/stick together things that don't press out so well and the instructions require VERY careful focusing.

The hot glue gun I used got more glue on it than the model.

Still, quite impressive once assembled.

5-year-old son was not listening to the advice that it was really only to look at, so I suspect some regluing might be needed when I get back home...

30m of cat 5e cable, through 3 walls and along a wall behind pyrocanthus bushes. I think I'm leaking.

I had new carpets fitted in the hall, landing, stairs and front bedroom today. I was fitting some skirting boards in the bedroom and snapped a drill bit drilling into brick. I pulled the bit out of the wall and dropped it because it was hot, the tip was glowing red hot and melted a hole in the carpet. That'll teach me to use wood drills for masonry.

Refurbed a bath tap and found a brilliant plumbers merchants. Total cost £1.


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