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Saving Private Volio
« on: December 22, 2008, 05:00:50 pm »
Or possibly General Volio - he was a big chap.

Big Cat has been a bit quiet recently - more soft toy than hunter/killer - but he's cheered up the last week or two and today he went out ahunting.  It seems his captive breeding programme* has recommenced: he brought in a humungous vole, undamaged, and let it go in  the dining room.  What fun we had for about 45 minutes :)

He lost interest after 15 seconds and went to bed leaving me pursuing the big fella around the ground floor of a cranny-replete house.  I cornered him in the end, but I had to pick him up by hand.  Boy did he squeak :)

Free again now. 

*there was a vole living in the kitchen at the old house for several weeks.  It made a nest under the kitchen units and we used to see it pop out occasionally.  We only caught it when it got too fat to run fast :)

Re: Saving Private Volio
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What a shame. In these times of hardship he could have been turned into a tasty vole-au-vent


Re: Saving Private Volio
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yes we have got one of those hunters. Sleeps all day ,littering up my table then out hunting all night.
he brings a steady flow of wildlife back during the night. Soft releases in the bedroom then off to get some tucker whilst the now fully awake Boo starts tearing around the bedroom after whatever has been released.
Between the two of them I don't get much sleep some nights.
Next day there are voles, rats, and mice flying around the kitchen and munching cat biscuits under the fridge and washing machine. ::-)
The boys in their usual daytime pose