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Re: ISS times from Friday 15/5
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QG in her (utterly justified) humanistic annihilation of space flight only missed out that the space shuttle was hamstrung in it's design by the desire for it to be an unstoppable (as in too unpredictable to counter) weapon delivery system.  The desire for cross range capability knackered all hope of meatsack survivability.  Energia/buran was on every human level worse because it cost just as much in a country/agglomeration/whateverthefuckitwas that could afford it even less
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Re: ISS times from Friday 15/5
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I love the fact that the recovery vessel for the first stage is called "Of course I still love you", got to be a Culture ship name nod.

There's a sister ship on the west coast called "Just read the instructions".

Iain Banks fandom is one of Musk's redeeming features, like getting extremely clever people together, giving them plenty of money and letting them get on with cool shit.  But he's not Tony Stark, he's Lex Luthor.

That he is. That he is.

I went out with the camera to try and get a shot of the ISS, and Dragon. Dragon was lost in the light pollution if it was visible at all.

On the plus side, I did get the ISS:

I took 11 photos over the feed into, the pass, and the few minutes after. They can be seen in this twitter thread for those curious:

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Re: ISS times from Friday 15/5
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Our son does know who Boz Scaggs is, we've done ok as parents.

Re: ISS times from Friday 15/5
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2020 meets 2001
I love the way that Dragon follows convention with red and green lights for port and starboard.