Author Topic: Replacement idler wheels & rear mech hanger - Challange Taifun - UK supplier?  (Read 1048 times)

Am sprucing up the drive train of my Challenge Taifun. Does anyone have a suggestion for a supplier of replacement idler wheels (front and rear)?

Also, I could do with a new rear mech hanger, current one being not entirely straight after a few offs, drops, and hammering flat sessions. I dread to think about ordering this kind of part from Challenge (or their UK dealers) as I had bloody murders trying to get any kind of service from them when ordering mudguards some time ago. If anyone has any clever suggestions for a replacement hanger, be much appreciated.

Terratrike do upgrade idlers for most machines

Ian at Wheels NV imports these for the Catrikes and may be worth contacting - he may be able to advise or assist.


Pat Franz runs Terracycle.  There's an idler for a Challenge Jester which might do the trick; failing that you could look at the multipurpose kit, and the range of general chain keepers and clamps.

You could try e-mailing David at Laid Back Bikes, to see if he can get any results from Paul at Challenge.


Have you tried Hostelshoppe?

Thanks very much for the replies, apologies for disappearing.

I've spoken to a Challenge dealer who's going to see if he can get a response from them about a replacement rear hanger plate (I think it might be easier to make one myself, but we'll give them a chance).

The Terracycle suggestion seems very sensible, but I tried to order from them a little while ago with mixed success. I emailed Pat Franz asking for confirmation on which particular model I should order. What followed was about the most comprehensive customer service I've ever experienced. Emails whistling back and forth with photographs, dimensions and engineering sketches. He settled on exactly what was required, I said "yes please, front and rear, in titanium, let me know how much you want", and then never heard anything further.   ???

I'll follow up with him again, see if my order got lost or forgotten somehow. The contact I had with him was hugely impressive, right up until I said take my money. Ho humm.

Thanks again.