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Snow in London
« on: February 02, 2009, 05:12:04 pm »
Off the bike, so I went for a little walk... (pics not that great as taken on my phone).

What I saw as I stepped out of the door

I wondered why it was so quiet - then I realised it was because everyone was on the Heath, not on the way to work!

Some natural artwork as the snow makes everything look slightly magical

And even a Henry Moore looks better with a layer of snow

Too cold for anyone in the bathing ponds!

The right sort of coat to wear today

Parliament Hill - sledging mecca in NW London!

And even on the path my feet disappeared...

No one wanted to sit and admire the view

Somewhere out there is the rest of London...
Abnormal for Norfolk


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Re: Snow in London
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Sweet, pretty much the same scenery we saw on our little walk.


Re: Snow in London
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What a GLORIOUS day! I didn't take any pics on the ride to work, as I was having faaar to much fun on the mountain bike in the parks. But my better half did:

I got this last one on my way home - not great as the iphone takes pants photos in the dark, but quite atmospheric:


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Re: Snow in London
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Mustn't grumble in the circumstances .