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Online medical advice. Doctor Tiger says...
« on: February 22, 2009, 03:48:26 pm »
Dear Liz

Any fool know that vaccinations will WRECK YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and are generally BAD for your health. You are a healthy girl and your body will fight any infection NATURALLY without resort to the CHEMICALS that are produced by drug companies as part of an INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY to sell us millions of pounds worth of drugs WE DO NOT NEED. I know that this is true because I PERSONALLY KNOW SOMEONE who cut their hand on a rusty fence and the wound healed itself with no intervention other than cleaning with PLAIN SOAP AND WATER.
If you should die from lockjaw or tetanus it will be because GOD IS ANGRY WITH YOU for some reason not because you didn't take the USELESS CURES offered by the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS that are the pharmaceutical companies (they are backed by the EUROPEAN UNION too which is a sure sign that there is a CONSPIRACY) but I will still send flowers.

Yours an informed citizen.