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Nutkin and Annie don't go out riding
« on: April 19, 2008, 07:43:38 pm »
Nutkin stealing Annie's account:

Having looked at the weather forecast (lots of rain, howling gales, stormy skies, and, very possibly, mega tsunami) we decided that a walk was a safer option than a ride today.

I set off early to drive to Annie's - this time armed with a map so I would know where I was going, and not end up doing circuits of Diss again - only to get caught up in a veteran car rally, average speed 18mph, so I arrived about the same time as I would have done without a map...

We wrapped up in preparation for an arctic adventure, and set off for a walk with the dogs. As we left, we noticed it wasn't raining. Annie decided upon a route which wound across the fields, along as many muddy paths as she could find, past a chalk pit, beside a river, up and down hills, and into the middle of nowhere, before she announced that she wasn't entirely sure where we were.

I was treated to Ellie (black lab), searching for, and retrieving, a packet of tissues (very impressive), before seeing just how well trained all three of Annie's dogs are. I'm wondering if she can do the same for cats?

It still wasn't raining.

We continued past a lovely church (I have no idea where this was), along an ancient path, whereupon Annie lay down on her stomach and started communing with the cowslips. We then skirted round the outside of a few villages, past some gorgeous houses (if ever I win the lottery...) and back over more fields. The rain was conspicuous by its absence. We stopped at the garden centre for an emergency chocolate re-fuel, enviously watched by the dogs. By this time Annie had decided she knew where she was and so we followed the river back to town. The path matches it bend for bend, goes past some really beautiful areas before depositing you gently back in Needham Market.

Back at Annie's, the dogs flopped gratefully down on their beds, and we had a cup of tea, watching the highland cattle from Annie's kitchen window. We then headed over to the farm shop for tea and cakes (what ride would be complete without these?) and yet again managed not to get rained on. On the way back, there was some confusion when I said 'I want one of those', Annie being slightly concerned I meant either a holly bush or Landrover, before she realised I was pointing at a young calf. You have to admit, highland cattle are very cute when young! I reluctantly left it behind when I realised it wouldn't fit in the car.

Total distance: at least 10 miles.
Total rain: 0mm

If we knew it was going to be a dry day, I'd have brought the bike! Grrr.


Re: Nutkin and Annie don't go out riding
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What do I have to the above account?  Photos to follow after Nutkin has returned home tomorrow.  My legs still hurt a little and my feet are tender to the touch.

The weather was most pleasant, it wasn't as we expected, we had thought it would be dreadful and so decided against a little pootle and opted for a long walk,  long it was, did I mention that it didn't rain once, not a drop? 

Of course I knew the way Nutkin, I never get lost when walking I just sometimes do an extra mile or three, that isn't getting lost, just changing direction and exploring new territories.

The dogs are sleeping soundly.

Did Nutkin mention that we consumed a lot of tea and chocolate cake over at the farm, mmmm yummy yummy.  In fact I think we spent two hours eating cake and drinking tea. 

Tonight we nibbled on a take away, followed by an apple and rhubarb pie made over at the farm.  I daren't lie down in case I explode.

Sleep will come easily tonight.

A most pleasant day, chatting, walking, eating, drinking tea and waiting for the rain which as I mentioned earlier never actually arrived.  The bikes are still clean and they may stay that way for a little longer.


Re: Nutkin and Annie don't go out riding
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Sounds like a nice day out.  Indeed I had seen the BBC forecasting a lot of rain but had claimed rain would be minimal until about 6pm.  I reckoned I could get a 200 in (Cambridge->Lavenham->Harwich then retrace) if I left around 8 and stay dry.  I stayed dry cos I couldn't be bothered getting up.  Too little sleep during the week has caught up with me.

The weather was fine, and even in the evening, when I headed into town, the rain didn't appear.  There was a wind, but it wasn't that severe.