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Gas card meters
« on: April 20, 2008, 09:01:15 am »
For some odd reason this flat has a card meter for the Gas, but not for electricity.  Maybe the Landlord was worried that I would get carried away by the delights of gas and start breathing the stuff or something.

Normally it's not a problem, but occasionally, like today, oh yes it's rather irritating.

I ran a bath, but my foot straight in, and Zowie... freezing cold!

Luckily I'm only here for a few days more, but I've been caught out like this before, and it's not helped by the meter being outside, so I have to put clothes on, get keys etc, and wander outside to bugger around switching to the emergency credit, and then I'll have to remember to put more gas on the card tomorrow. :-\
Actually, it is rocket science.