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Armpit lumpyness
« on: March 04, 2009, 07:30:21 pm »
This certainly looks to me like an initial misdiagnosis - you should always get a second opinion. Did your GP take a biopsy? I very much doubt it - typical NHS. Always insist.
Take extreme care with any lymph gland swellings under the arms - they are usually an associated secondary symptom of other problems. In your case I suspect early symptoms of lachmaniasis. A hatching of parasitic eggs within the lymph system itself. You will find similar swellings in the groin which is where the queen may well reside. Sterile needles into the swellings should kill any eggs before they hatch.
Is it fungal?

You tried that routine with me and I didnt believe you either

Do you specialize in tropical medicine or just trying to give people unfunny concerns about a condition usually contracted by forestry workers in continental North America?

If he specialised in tropical medicine, he'd be able to spell 'leishmaniasis' rather better...

Sounds like some kind of obsession with bondage to me.

This sort of infighting and mudslinging brings serious professional internet medical advisors into disrepute - undermining the trust we have built up with patients who rely on our advice. It is not at all helpful, and could cost lives.