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How is YACF financed?
« on: March 31, 2009, 08:22:23 pm »
It must cost something to run this thing. How is it paid for?

I know you're quite au fait with international finance, Tiger - but I'll keep this simple for the benefit of other members.

In these tough economic times, we're now offering a splendid new way for our members to be part of the YACF community and to make unlimited earnings from the comfort of their own homes.  New members joining YACF are charged a small administration fee, which covers their welcome pack, introductory DVD and sales materials.  Each new member has an easily achieved weekly target for recruiting further members and for each batch of twenty members they introduce, they'll receive commission equivalent to 5% of the administration fee*.

So as soon as you've signed up a mere twenty new members, you're on your way to a new income.  You can work how you like and when you like, with absolutely no limits to your potential earnings.  Here at YACF head office, we're committed to supporting our agents all the way and we'll make sure that you're kept informed of all the exciting new developments in the world of online cycling forum membership resales.

YACF International Global Solutions Ltd is a not-for-profit organization which covers the running costs for the YACF servers and also provides a small stipend to keep Roger in leather jackets and prophylactics.

*Please note that the terms and conditions of this agreement can change at any time without prior notice.  Your earnings will be invested for you in YACF Offshore Holdings Ltd and will be subject to a minimum capital release clause.  You are advised to take independent financial advice before entering into a contract with YACF International Global Solutions Ltd.  The value of your commission can go up as well as down.

Skipping the small print in your eagerness to trouser the greenbacks seems to be a good idea at the time but there are real risks as I have found to my personal cost.

I was a was voted YACF Bluebird Notable Welcomer of the Year (2007) for recruiting a staggering 538 new members in just two months. Even though I say so myself, I was at the top of the tree in terms of commission mainly because I could be almost evangelical about the product I was selling and was above all else, am an accomplished liar.

Yes, I was surfing the gravy train in no mistake but how are the mighty fallen? Think of Samson and his crushing loss of the Timotei contract or Horatio Nelson and the lucrative Specsavers flagship campaign?

Of the members I managed to sign up (and convince to part with their hard won brass):

  • 2 left because they felt their sense of humour or witty observations were not appreciated
  • 7 left because they discovered they were not the moral majority after all
  • 8 left because they felt alienated as there was too much swearing and bad language
  • 16 left because they felt alienated as there wasn't enough swearing and bad language
  • 88 left when they discovered, that despite my being on here, this was not a free pron movie forum
  • 190 left because they felt left out as they couldn't ride a bike (even though I told them this shouldn't stop them)
  • 286 left because they felt left out as they didn't have a computer or access to the Internet

The others are holding on by a thread.

Needless to say, a significant number of the above 'virtual villagers' came beating their way to chez Hummers with their metaphorical pitchforks and alegorical faggots - demanding their money back. My cries of "be excellent to one another" were quickly exchanged for "arghh, arghh, mmmmnphhh" as copies of Rogerzilla's inspriational self-help pamphlet, "Thread Killer to Post of the Day Hero in 10 Easy Steps" was rammed up my less-than-metaphysical chocolate starfish.

So for me, it is once rogered, twice shy about pyramid recruitment scams like this.

Think on.