Author Topic: The Guardian: "Why we need more women on two wheels"  (Read 1277 times)


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The Guardian: "Why we need more women on two wheels"
« on: April 09, 2009, 04:33:06 pm »
Last time I was in there I stood in front of the changing room mirror in some ruffly blue number that made me look like a sinister, aged, very large doll and suddenly wondered WTF I was doing there. Their sizes range doesn't seem to extend past a ten, IIRC, and queuing with 300 stick thin fourteen year olds made me feel like a sad old wreck.

This is because they only stock clothes in a children's "age 13" size.  Although they reckon they have a variety of sizes, the measurements in the shoulders, bust and hips are exactly the same, and the only difference between a Topshop size 10 and a Topshop size 16 is more room in the tummy.

So your choices are:

Size 6  (translation:  aged 13 and not hit puberty)

Size 8 (translation:  aged 13 and not eating)

Size 10 (translation:  aged 13)

Size 12 (translation:  aged 13 and hit puberty last week)

Size 14 (translation:  aged 13 and a childhood obesity crisis)

Size 16 (translation:  aged 13 and heavily pregnant)

None of these do me any favours...