Author Topic: Does anybody know this fellow?  (Read 788 times)

Does anybody know this fellow?
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I met him on the Lancs cycleway just after the York Rally in 2007. I was heading North having just left Leyland where I'd been measured for a Hewitt Cheviot SE when I saw him winching his way up a hill. I stopped and spoke with him and as far as I remember his name was Dave and he worked in the tax office at Berwick on Tweed. he was doing a looping route from York to Berwick just because he enjoyed the Greenspeed trike so much.
Nine months later I was ridng a Bacchetta and now I have a Trice.
It's all his fault and he ought to know (although Kev at DTek, Cycleman, Silverback, Nitram and Lonerida share the blame in part)  ;D
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