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Weight saving on audax bike
« on: May 13, 2009, 01:15:18 pm »
On average, you will only puncture on one in six randonees, and yet you suffer the extra weight of a puncture repair kit and spare tube on every ride you do.  Eliminate this by simply DNS-ing on those rides on which you puncture.  You can apply a similar principle to your tool kit.

It is well known that a bicycle wheel acts throughtout its revolution in tension, and that the weight of the bicycle is supported by a reduction in tension of the lower spokes of the wheels.  Spokes above the hub play no part.  You can, therefore, safely remove these without ill-effect.

Very few punctures, mechanical defects or rain showers affect riders whilst they are in controls; you will only suffer these whilst on the road. Therefore, maximise your time in controls and ride swiftly between them, and you reduce your statistical reliance on additional equipment.  You can then simply extrapolate this principle to the point that it becomes superflous.

Avoid the additional weight of a saddle bag by wearing a woman's bra.  You can stuff your spare tube, tools etc into the cups.  This has the additional bonus of giving you something to do with your hands on long, boring rides.

Finally, of course, make sure you do your number twos before you start the ride.