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Bryan Chapman Memorial 600 (16-MAY-2009)
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a farm dog biting through my rear tyre sidewall (yes, really) and puncturing 3k from Weobly
I think that dog had a go at every bike that went past.

I was about to fend it off with my shoe when I remembered I was clipped in and had to draw on energy I didn't know I had left to get away.
[David Attenborough]

It's now nearly 12 months since the dog has had it last full meal and has lost nearly 80% of its own bodyweight. But come May, it waits patiently for the great migration of two-wheeled beasts who, guided by some mysterious instinct, make the annual trek across the length of the country. At first, the stronger, faster ones stampede past in large groups. The dog knows if it tries to tackle these, it will come to a swift end under their brutal and uncompromising wheels. But soon it spies the lone riders - separated from the herd, desperately weak and near total exhaustion, they provide easy prey for the predator. The dog feasts well that night.

[/David Attenborough]