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Corpses in the pond
« on: May 23, 2009, 04:40:50 pm »
I went down the garden this morning and found two large furry corpses in the pond.  Fishing them out I saw they were two fox cubs.  Given that no-one had not been down there for at least a week and comparing them to the rate of growth and current size of their siblings that we see at the end of the garden most mornings I reckon they had been in there for a couple of weeks.

They were VERY smelly and have now been disposed off - but what should I do about the pond itself.  It still has fur and other things floating in it and is used by the aforementioned siblings and other wildlife for drinking.  Should I drain it and refill or leave it to recover?  It is, what we call it anyway, a wildlife pond.  That is we leave it to itself and its current occupants are just mosquito larvae.  No frogs this year.


Re: Corpses in the pond
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Leave it.  It's a dynamic biological system, and it'll sort itself out better if left than if drained and refilled.

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If you add tap water you'll totally wreck its equilibrium, you'll add chlorine and loads of unwanted nutrients.