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Foiling the thieves!
« on: 26 April, 2008, 10:54:43 am »
Sometimes, having a "weird" bike has its benefits.

Sometime between 6pm yesterday & 7.30 this morning, some thieving gits got into the entrance of our flats, went into the lock-up cellars we have and went looking for anything valuable.

I have my Spirit locked up there to a sledge (haven't had the ground anchor fitted yet) with a very thick motorbike chain. They wrenched up the wire mesh doors to take a look at what was in our lock-up, but for some unknown reason, they decided to go for a neighbour's bike instead. Actually, his bike was locked to their wire mesh door with a cable lock that they seem to have easily cut through.

Maybe the lock & chain put them off, maybe the fact that it was a recumbent and unwieldy/hard to flog on (very few 'bents here in Hungary), who knows? I still have it, and that's all that counts.

I WILL have the ground anchor fitted very soon though!!!
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Re: Foiling the thieves!
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Yes, there was a Pashley PDQ stolen then it turned up on eBay about a year later, the owner was informed and went round to collect it from the "flabbergasted" vendor.

But I wouldn't leave mine locked up in the street - more likely to be vandalised.