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Bikehike and on-screen warnings Gpxx
« on: June 13, 2009, 08:31:59 pm »
I use bikehike for creating gpxx files for my 705.  I'm trying, and so far failing to find a way of adding points/waypoints/points of interest or whatever which I can plot at INFO and CONTROL  points on audaxes, that will actually show up onscreen as I approach them.

Can it be done, and if so is it possible to enter your own text, such as the name of a control cafe?

Re: Bikehike ans on-screen warnings Gpxx
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Do I assume you haven't got routable road data? I certainly get warnings when I'm navigating in "follow road" mode.

Open the gpx in Mapsource, select a waypoint and on its properties, untick the "Proximity unknown" tickbox and enter a distance.

If that doesn't work, you could try loading them up as red light cameras using POILoader (free garmin download). I believe that will give a 400m warning.

Edit: also see here
Audible warning of Info Controls

Re: Bikehike and on-screen warnings Gpxx
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Thanks Andrew.

The gpxx files used in 'follow-road' setting result in what is essentially a sat-nav on the bike, with turns flashed up however many metres in advance, with a zoom-in of the junction if required, and not restricted to the 100 waypoint limit. Hardpoints in the route become 'via' points.

What I'm after though is trying to find if I can manually enter some kind of other point that will flash up on screen when reached.  Bikehike allows you to add POI or coursepoint, and there seemed to be a dialogue box to name it... presumably with something that would flash up on screen. Problem is, coursepoints are only downloaded in TCX files and in GPX track and route files at the moment on bikehike and not gpxx.