Author Topic: Booking campsites in France (french language assistance appreciated)  (Read 1537 times)


  • Quiet please

Despite emailing in french, and getting the french checked by a native french speaker, the french campsite owner has resorted to replying in English.  :-[

I didn't think my accent was so bad it could be heard over the net!

 :-[ :-[ :-[

This how we are:

If you start talking to us in English we will pretend we don't understand what you are talking about just to remind you that Joan of Ark chased you out of the country a few centuries ago.
If you start talking to us in French we will reply in English just to show off how superior our English is to your French.

We may have lost Trafalgar but on a daily basis the French tourist industry tries to make up the loss little by little. It may take a few millennium to get there but because of "entente cordiale" we have no choice but to have recourse to such pettiness.