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Man City...
« on: April 29, 2008, 03:20:11 pm »
I'm no Man City fan but this is a tad surprising...  I think they're 9th in the table.

I suppose as clubs become billionaire's play things...this will happen more and more... Presumably SGE can now think about enjoying a two year holiday on full pay?
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Re: Man City...
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Oh - it's about football.  You raised my hopeful dreams that someone has founded a city comprised entirely of (fit) men....  :'(
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Re: Man City...
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It gets sillier. Avram Grant may get sacked if Chelsea don't win both the Champions League and the Premiership.

It's all got a bit out of hand, however it is partly down to the greedy agents and stupid boards at the English clubs. Most clubs in other European countries give their managers/coaches one year contracts so they don't end up wasting millions of pounds paying off the manager after half a season.
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Re: Man City...
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it's worse then under peter swailes ::-)
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