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Greetings, pop pickers!

One week to go and we're on the final run down to go to the coveted LEL #1 worry but here are the official AUK chart positions for the top 10 subjects that seem to be causing you sleepless nights, ALL RIGHT???

10. On the way down, at the top of 10 and it’s that bubbly songstress Rhianna featuring Angstbremmer  with You Can Share My Nuttela. NOT ARF!

9. Another on the way down and we’re all glad of that, it’s beat combo The Controlers cover version of the Beatles classic Help.  ALL RIGHT??!!

8. A new entry last week but it’s a climber for sure from tunesmiths Crowded YHA with Weather With You

7. New in at number 7 and its The SimonP Orchestra and another cover version; this time it’s a Tom Waits classic Spare Parts

6. Another new entry from beatastic LEL Unlimited and RU Ready For This. RIGHT??

5.  On the way down but still hot and a previous Simple Minds poptastic smash, it’s Rider Number Unknown and (Don't you) Forget About Me

4. In and out of the top 10 like a crazy thing and it’s Various Artists with Do You Know The Way To (Lea Valley) YHA NOT ARF!!

3. It’s the final countdown and it is literally Europe with It’s The Final Countdown

2. Kept off the number one slot another week but let’s see what happens next Sunday but for now it’s at number two it’s iPhone and the PDAs with Chirpy Chirpy Tweet Tweet. ALL RIGHT??

But top of the heap.

You all love it.

It’s this weeks official number one fret.......

1. A re-release, this time a Motown classic all about bag drop induced fretting, it’s Martha Reeves and the Van Drivers with When Will I See You Again NOT ARF!!

That was the official chart for week ending 19th July 2009

I have been DJ Hummers

Tune in next week for another run down of the fretting hit parade.

Until then....

Thanks for listening and....


DJ Hummers