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LEL indices
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At the time of LEL, there is a dedicated sub-board for the event. After the event, the posts in the LEL sub-board are subsumed back into the Audax board, as discussed here

What will happen [to the LEL board?]

This thread lists the 2009 and 2013 LEL posts so they can be found easily.


LEL 2009 index
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This is an index to the LEL 2009 posts:

Event info
LEL FAQs - Questions for the organiser
LEL  - Info for volunteers and controllers
LEL begins this weekend...
How long till LEL?
LEL Glossary
Who's riding LEL ?
Countries Represented at LEL
Rider information sheet for LEL 2009.
LEL on Twitter
LEL - Tracking progress of yACF riders
LEL  - Naming the names
How long till LEL?
LEL - News from/of riders
LEL - Picking up drop bags on Friday
Any potential new Long-distance cyclists after riding LEL?

Post-event analysis and discussion
Comments on  & suggestions for LEL
LEL debrief
The LEL  lost property thread
LEL - Finishers list?
LEL - It's all over now!
What next, after LEL?
The Start Time Thread
Fixed riders on LEL
Has the LEL improved?
LEL - How long until the psychological sequels disappear?
Urgent LEL assistance required to track down a witness
LEL, it's just madness isn't it?
LEL results muddle
The future of LEL

Ride reports
London-Edinburgh-London 2009
Pre-2009 LEL experiences & ride reports
Reflections on LEL #3

LEL Photo opportunities.
LEL - Filming the start.
LEL - Filming Ideas
LEL pictures
LEL Photos
LEL photos from Thorne
LEL Video

LEL Entry
LEL - Can you buy/sell an entry from/to somebody else ?
LEL is now closed for entry.

The start, and getting there
LEL - When does registration start?
LEL - So what's happening at the start?
LEL - Breakfast on Sunday before the Depart ?
LEL - Travelling from airports to Lee valley
LEL - Spare room at travelodge for fri/sat/thurs nights
LEL - Directions from Euston to Lea Valley
Riding to LEL from Oxon / Bucks
LEL - Getting to Lea Valley and Accomodation.
LEL - Car parking at Lea Valley/ near Lea Valley?
LEL - Night before plans
LEL - Spelling of Lea Valley
LEL - Pre Event Meal Availability
Where to stay before and after LEL?
LEL - Heathrow Bike Box Stowage

Riding & planning
LEL - Advice for a nervous first timer
LEL - Minimal ride plan
LEL magic spreadsheet
LEL - Relaxed Moderate and Fast ride speeds
LEL - start times and riding schedules
LEL - The Bag Drop Conundrum and other stories
So what do I need to take/carry on LEL?
LEL - Weather
Should it be hot on LEL...
LEL - What side of the road?
LEL - Support vehicles
LEL - Following and Supporting Riders.
LEL - Cold Nights.
Do Lincolnshire and Yorkshire drivers compete for scaring cyclists off the road?

The route
LEL route
LEL - Route sheets
LEL route sheet in single column format
LEL - Where the hills are
LEL CliffsNotes
LEL - Road Surface on B709
LEL - Minor Route Sheet Error - Dunninton
LEL - Hazard, Traffic Lights At Elvington

LEL GPS File(s)
How many waypoints for LEL? / how many routeshesheet instructions?
LEL - Gps tracking

LEL equipment
LEL Lighting
LEL  - which gears to use
LEL - Barbag or not barbag, that is the question.
LEL -  of cleats and stiff soles
I may not be doing LEL
What tyres for LEL?
LEL - Emergency repair equipment
What I didn't have on LEL but wish I had had
LEL, Rate your equipment

Eating & drinking
Food I'd like to see during LEL
Drinking during LEL
LEL entrants, biggest meal during ride to date
LEL - Best Chippies in Scotland on/near the Route
The LEL Menu thread
LEL - Nutella?
LEL - Introducing Caff Culture
LEL Energy Drink? Picture.
LEL - Coffee (caffeine) stops en route
LEL - Refilling bottles along the route?

LEL - Last Minute preparation, The Pictures.
LEL - Sleeping facilities at Dalkeith
LEL - When will riders be at Coxwold control ?
LEL - Alston Spares List
LEL - Drying rooms?
LEL - Italian translation please
LEL - Skipping Gamlingay Northbound
LEL - Controls Open-Close Times
LEL - Control times
Sports Therapy - during LEL
LEL - Spares at Alston.
LEL - Campbed hire at Thorne
LEL - Coxwold Control
LEL - Repairs at Coxwold
LEL - When is the expected peak at Alston control?
LEL- Which controls will be best to sleep at?
LEL - Sleeping facilities

Other facilities
unofficial LEL facilities
LEL - 24-hour shops on route

Volunteering to help
How to Register as an LEL Volunteer
LEL - Volunteers
LEL - volunteering - again?
LEL - YACF control ?
LEL help still needed at controls !
LEL - Who's helping ? Where ?
LEL - URGENT volunteer request for Thorne
LEL - Eskdalemuir control - any helpers available?
LEL  - Who is running the feed station at Gamlingay on Sunday?
LEL - I will be helping at Middleton Tyas
LEL - So, who'd like to help out at Thorne?
LEL -so so pissed off
LEL - a big thank you to the folks behind the scenes and at controls

Associated rides
LEl - Ride Friday? Saturday?
LEL - London-Cambridge
LEL - TdeF Mont Ventoux stage
3 day DIY of Northbound LEL - mid-March Sun 15th to Weds 18th
LEL - Accomodation at Thorne for route checking?

Training, tapering etc
Last Rit(d)es before LEL
LEL - trying to peak
How long should you leave between a 600 and LEL?
LEL preparation

LEL - Medication.
LEL - Pills, potions, pointless?

LEL - Happy riding!
LEL - Nice try Freddie
LEL- Has anyone got a number for anyone at LV YHA?
LEL in the news
LEL - I am leaving 12noon tomorrow - will not be available til Lee Valley
Pick of the Frets: The official top 10 LEL worry parade....
Bonne Route all you LEL'ers
LEL - Visa or Maestro?
LEL  - Decent bike shop in Chelsea?
LEL  - organiser contact details required
LEL on T*P G**R
Spare seat in car for journey to/from LEL
LEL - accommodation
LEL - Help with translation
Message from the LEL organiser
Cicloturismo - they're talking about LEL
LEL - Spare Room at Travelodge Cheshunt
LEL - Energise me
LEL - A bit of fun!
LEL - Best Rear View
Who was that LELer?
A song for LEL
LEL - Picking up drop bags on Friday
LEL - Is Melita OK?
LEL - the flat bit round of Thorne