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Upcoming cycle race
« on: October 15, 2018, 03:51:24 pm »
Hi Guys

I have entered a cycle challenge race which is 100 km. I have entered with my 2 sons, in their early twenties. We have done this before but this time they so lazy. How do motivate these kids? And please note, they are too scared to not do the race because they will be ashamed.
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Re: Upcoming cycle race
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A race? An actual race with closed roads and support teams and stuff requiring licenses?

Or do you mean a Sportive type event which is not really a race but might have finish times and a possibly a finishers medal at the end?

I'm afraid I don't know how you motivate 20 somethings, I just got on my bike and rode it back then but given the possibility of achieving something they want to do then they might go ahead and do it. If they are negative in the first place it's an uphill battle.

Sportive events are however, ridden by all sorts of different people, some do it for fun, training, charity or a challenge to try to better themselves. I can guarantee there will be people slower than them and there will be people on all sorts of equipment, it's rarely just people in expensive lycra riding expensive carbon. let them get on with it and you go out for a family bonding session or whatever.

If people don't want to do stuff it's quite likely they won't, especially once they consider themselves to be grown up.
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