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Post your times below (Distance, course type, weather conditions, bike ridden, time).

I have not completed any TT yet but I am looking forward to try it out. Two hill climbs are litterally next door (Conder Bottoms and Jubilee Tower Hill climbs). Why am I considering a time trial when I am pretty much granted the Lanterne Rouge position? Well, it sounds like a good challenge against myself and  this article on TT for beginners is quite inspiring.

Date           Distance         Course type         Weather conditions         Bike ridden            Time

Sorry for the variation in format, I'm old  :)

All rides on DC courses
All rides on Ribble 653 roadbike with clip-on tribars
All rides had weather of some sort
All rides between 1990 and 1994

10    21.36
25    55.45
50    1.59.30
100  4.23.45
12 hours  223.5

Edit: All rides on 32 spoke wheels with 18mm tubs

David Martin:
Last years best times:
Ribble 653 road bike.
10 miles - 29.17

Fuji track bike 48x16 gear - Caird Park velodrome:
flying 200 - 16.something
flying 400 - 35.something
1600m - 2.25ish

Match Sprint - 100% record (lost every one)

So plenty of room for improvement this season.



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